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Courtroom Connect invests in platforms that are transforming the way attorneys prepare for, participate in, and learn from litigation.

Welcome to Courtroom Connect

We identify those pieces of the trial preparation and execution process in which physical location has historically mattered and then deploy technology to enhance access, thus rendering proximity irrelevant, increase impact, and reduce cost. Then, we distill the events that occur in the courtroom into key insights, making the courtroom a timeless laboratory for learning like it has never been before.

Remote Counsel

A professional services platform that aids court reporters and attorneys to deliver live text and video streams of legal events from anywhere through the deployment of proprietary solutions.

Courtroom View Network

A national news organization that delivers unprecedented live and on demand access to civil litigation as well as courtroom video-based products designed to aid litigators in their quest to better prepare and train for trial.

Court Services

A professional services platform that aids direct parties in litigation to be more responsive to events through wi-fi in court and remote real-time transcript streaming.

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Courtroom Connect

4901 Olde Towne Parkway Suite 100, Marietta, GA 30068

Phone (877) 838-9067
Fax (678) 802-2493

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