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Court Services

Law firms increasingly depend on trial presenters to advise and implement communication technologies during trial. This is often a challenge for trial consultants as it isn’t a core competency.


With the right partner, it is an opportunity to create more value for clients by addressing all of their needs in a one-stop shop.

Challenge: Corporate counsel, expert witnesses, and support staff need to follow the trial remotely from corporate HQ or the war room

Solution: Remote Counsel Streaming

  • Self-service or turnkey service options

  • Simple setup through the onsite court reporter – and it even works wirelessly for attorneys in the courtroom

  • Works with ALL transcript software – so attorneys can receive the transcript in LiveNote, CaseViewNet, Summation, Visionary, or via our web client

  • Proven technology used in hundred of cases and thousands of events


Challenge: Counsel requires secure, reliable internet access from inside the courtroom

Solution: Secure Internet by Courtroom Connect

  • Many networks already installed around the country (or “Trial Connect Ready”); new networks brought in, often on short notice

  • Reliable access (especially compared to 3G/4G in many courtrooms)

  • Secure Internet

  • Proven networks used in courthouses, war rooms, and court reporting firms around the nation

Challenge: A witness can’t appear in person due to illness, remoteness, or even unable to enter the country

Solution: Witness Connect by Courtroom Connect

  • Courtroom Connect manages set up with the court

  • Courtroom Connect provides all required equipment and connectivity

  • Available services include conference bridging and multi-point capabilities

  • Secure and reliable mobile videoconference solutions available

  • Make use of 300+ legal-specific public rooms worldwide for witnesses.

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Challenge: Partners and counsel want remote access to a jury research event in a specific jurisdiction

Solution: Jury Research Connect by Courtroom Connect

  • Reduce travel costs, increase participation, and maximize return on jury research investment

  • Stream live video, text – even exhibits – to remote participants

  • Secure and password protected access

  • Based on the same technology Courtroom Connect uses to stream thousands of depositions and hundreds of courtroom events every year

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