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Courtroom Connect Approach

Proximity Should No Longer Matter

The irony of today’s interconnected world in which movement is easier than ever before, is that people are so busy that it is more difficult to meet the demands of being in multiple places at once. All Courtroom Connect platforms are designed to enable distance-based engagement, whether through remote participation in a deposition or viewing events unfolding in a courtroom.

Technology should enhance human interaction and the approach to law, not replace it

Despite our technological edge, we know that there is no solution for the human touch, and we strive to provide authentic interaction whenever possible. In a world where 85% communication is non-verbal, our remote connectivity solutions provide those involved in legal proceedings a way to understand the full context of events beyond words merely expressed in a transcript. For those following a trial, the ability to watch a key witness, judge or litigator’s body language will provide more insight than words on a page ever could.

Our Deep Expertise

We have 15+ years of insight into how technology can best be deployed in the court reporting industry. Our best-in-class, first-to-market innovations have set the standard for how technology can best serve all parties.


We have been working in courts to deliver compelling civil proceedings for as long as streaming video has been around. In the past ten years we have developed a deep capability in identifying and gaining access to the most relevant trials, and then delivering them in holistic experience to remote viewers.

Our Collaboration

Regardless of the platform or industry, Courtroom Connect deeply believes in working closely with all stakeholders to ensure that our solutions meet customers’ needs in a way that respects the rich tradition and history of the legal industry.

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